Rimrock Pediatric Dentistry


Fun Fact of the Month

Did you know?

The first toothbrush was invented in 1498 and the most popular toothbrush color is Blue!



October Employee of the Month

Name: Korinna

Nickname: Kor-ri-ri or Coco

Position: Specialty Care Coordinator 

Favorite part of working at Rimrock or Trailhead: Working with her BFF Bri Dassler and the flexibility that RPD offer.

Where are you from: Gallatin Gateway, MT

Random fact about yourself: 1.5 of her toes are webbed. 

Fear/Phobias: Afraid of having an unfulfilling life.

Song your are addicted to right now: Wild Stare - Giant Rocks

Number 1 thing you can't live without: Her animals

Interest outside of work: Painting.

Celebrity Crush: Jason Statham

Best Concert you attended: Hail Storm

Favorite place to eat: Ribbon Chop

If you were an animal, what would you be: Cat

What makes you smile/happy: Mickey and Gus Gus her pet mice. 

Favorite Quote: '' If you keep doing what you've always done you'll always be what you are. ''

Contact information:

  • Need toothbrushes for your daycare or school?
  • Want a presentation on oral hygiene?
  • Looking to have someone sponsor your child’s program or an event you're having?

Send Mikel Sherman an email for your request and she will gladly set something up for you: Mikel@rpd-kids.com